Top 100 World Mysteries



1 UFO’S: Unidentified Flying Objects  
2 Atlantis: A mysterious island of ancient wisdom now lost.  
3 Aliens: Intelligent life from beyond the Earth. Real or not?  
4 ESP: Extra Sensory Perception. The power of the mind.
5 The Illuminati: A secret organisation that allegedly rules the World.  
6 Vampires: Undead humanoid creatures that drink blood.  
7 The Rosetta Stone: The secret to forgotten languages.
8 Voodoo: Strange and disturbing magic from the Caribbean.  
9 Deja vu: The feeling that you’ve done the same thing before.  
10 Ghosts: Spirits of the dead that are still here to haunt us.  
11 The Yeti: The original half-man half-ape from the Himalayas.  
12 Nostradamus: Wisest of soothsayers and prophets or just a fake?  
13 Area 51: America’s best known secret air force base. 
14 Bigfoot: The USA’s version of the abominable snowman.  
15 The Great Pyramids: The greatest monuments ever built – but how?  
16 The Sphinx: Egypt’s most famous ancient statue – but how old?  
17 Men in Black: Secret US organisation to investigate aliens?  
18 Doppelgangers: People identical to you – sometimes real … maybe.  
19 The Mayan 2012 Calendar An ancient stone that predicts the end of the world.  
20 Machu Picchu: Inca palace hidden at the top of a mountain.  
21 Stonehenge: Ancient and strangest of all megalithic stone circles.  
22 Bermuda Triangle: Strange Caribbean location where things disappear.  
23 Rasputin: Russian mystic who was almost impossible to kill.  
24 The Chupacabra: Savage and mysterious beast from Puerto Rico  
25 Crop Circles: Circles in the fields – evidence of aliens or hoax?  
26 The Holy Grail: The missing cup of Christ and source of immortality.  
27 The Succubus & Incubus: Lustful female and male demons after your body.  
28 The Salem Witches: The most infamous witch trials in American history.  
29 Werewolves: Half-man half-wolf, a fearsome occult beast.  
30 Astral Projection: travel through time and space  
31 The Loch Ness Monster: Scotland’s famous serpentine (lake) loch monster.  
32 Stigmata: Strange religious wounds that just appear.  
33 Crystal Skulls: Carved from crystal – said to have strange powers.  
34 Levitation: Mind power that can let you fly (or at least float).  
35 The Mothman: Half-man-half-moth and an omen of disaster.  
36 The Knights Templar: Priest, soldiers, bankers and a mysterious society.  
37 Lost City of Petra: The abandoned ancient city of the Nabataeans.  
38 Telekinesis: The ability to move objects using only your mind.  
39 The Tunguska Event: A cataclysmic explosion over Russia – still a mystery.  
40 Alien Abductions: Humans taken by aliens and used for experiments?  
41 Telepathy: The ability to read minds and see beyond the usual.  
42 The Turin Shroud: Possibly the death shroud of the Jesus Christ.  
43 The Flying Dutchman: Most famous of all the ghost ships to haunt the seas.  
44 The Man in the Iron Mask: Was this sad prisoner really the King of France?  
45 The Ark of the Covenant: The great chest of the ten commandments – missing!  
46 The Bible Code: A secret code hidden in the bible and rich in wisdom.  
47 The Jersey Devil: Strange flying monster from New Jersey, America.  
48 The Nazca Lines: Giant and ancient geoglyphs visible only from above.  
49 The Montauk Project: Time travel, secret bio-weapons bases & monsters.  
50 Missing Faberge Eggs: Priceless Russian treasures lost in history.  
51 Flimmern Geists: Flicker Spirits – Now you see them now you don’t  
52 King Arthur: Greatest British king or just a myth  
53 Easter Island Statues: Giant statues – but why?  
54 The Bermuda Triangle: Where everything just vanishes  
55 Bilderberg Group: Secret power brokers or just a social club?  
56 Kruger’s Missing Gold :The lost gold of President Paul Kruger  
57 Ancient Electricity: Evidence that the ancients had electricity  
58 D B Cooper: Jumped from a plane with stolen millions  
59 Mars Face: Is the face on Mars just an illusion or evidence of aliens  
60Amber room: The missing Russian treasure room
61Dowsing: Can sticks really find underground water
62 : Spontaneous Combustion: Can humans really just burst into fire?  
63 Mu / Lemuria: Lost worlds  
64 Mass Missing People: Where do all the missing people go?  
65 Zeitgeists: Spirit guides
66 Roanoke Colony: The disappearance of an entire pioneer colony  
67 Ley : Lines powerful lines of natural energy  
68 Dover Demon: Strange beast and herald of doom  
69 Hindenberg Disaster: What really happened to the Giant Airship  
70 Hessdalin Lights: Strange lights in the sky over Norway  
71Great Flood / Noah’s Ark: A huge flood that might have really happened
72 Taos Hum: Strange humming in Taos New Mexico
73The Oracle of Delphi: Prophecies from ancient Greece
74 The Eye of Africa: The strangest of all natural formations  
75 Marfa Lights: Paranormal encounters on Route 67 near Mitchell Flats  
76 Ectoplasm: Ghostly goo and gunk from paranormal encounters  
77 El Dorado / Paititi: Lost cities of Gold  
78 The Purple Sapphire: A very dangerous gemstone  
79 Antikythera Mechanism: Sophisticated ancient mechanism and first computer  
80 Poltergeists: Unruly ghosts  
81 Zeta Reticuli: An alien exchange programme  
82 Suspended Animation: Sleep away the years – does it exist already  
83 Amelia Erhardt: The disappearance of the most famous female aviator  
84 Dyatlov Pass Accident: Russian Tragedy  
85 Piri Reis Map: An impossible Map  
86 Voynich Manuscript: Mysterious book written in a secret language  
87 Copper Scroll: The oldest list of hidden treasure  
88 Roswell UFO: The most famous alien encounter  
89 Fountain of Youth: Live forever  
90 Coral Castle: American megaliths made from Coral limestone  
91 Philadelphia Experiment:  Early stealth technology that warped time  
92 The Oak Island Money Pit: Possible treasure pit on Oak Island never fully explored  
93 The Marie Celeste: The mysterious abandoned ship
94 King John’s  Treasure: The missing treasure of a 12th century British king  
95 The Ninth Legion: A entire Roman legion just vanishes  
96 Curse of King Tut’s Tomb : Was there really a curse on the tomb of King Tutankhamen  
97 Beast of Bodmin Moor : Many people say a wild beast roams the moors of Cornwall  
98 Secrets of the Dollar:  Everything about the US Dollar is just mysterious  
99 Majestic 12: Secret society to investigate UFO’s 100 Strange Rains: Frogs, nuts and money have all rained down from the Sky  

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